The 10 Cubed Principles

Current accepted wisdom states the route to financial wealth is to:

Build a business and sell for £ms

And then you can retire to the beach and live off the interest without even touching the capital!

But the problem with this approach is – even if you can achieve the highly unlikely outcome of selling for £ms – you then need to make best use of your new found fortune.

But in the current economic environment, this could prove challenging…

Why? From managing your own ship to secure your future, you are now reliant on the fortunes of central bank announcements, government policies and the financial performance of listed companies. We already have current low (and the prospect of negative!) interest rates plus a slow-down in world economies.This could get ugly.

Surely, there is a far better strategy for entrepreneurs in today’s economy. I think there is – its called:

The 10 Cubed Principles

Stay tuned.

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