The Forager Firm 3: Intuitive


The Forager Firm acts on intuition. Sure, it has a plan but it is willing to adapt its course and conduct its dealings with intuition and empathy.

There’s no sledgehammer to crack a nut here.

The Forager Firm follows its heart and listens inwardly and outwardly. There are always subtle signs that might otherwise be missed. Heart-led businesses read these signs and respond accordingly.

The world’s best….restaurant would……

The world’s best restaurant / cafe would:

  1. Do one thing really well – e.g. the world’s best Fish & Chips; Mussels; Steak, Soups, Crepes, etc
  2. Bring kids’ food out first – always. Adults closely followed.
  3. Have a front of house who ‘conducts’ the waiting on staff like a finely tuned orchestra.
  4. Bring something out straight away – perhaps a little taster of something (on the house). Like tapas. We like nibbling whilst we drool over your sumptuous menu.
  5. Bring out something for the kids – colouring in etc. Happy kids = Happy Mummy & Daddy.
  6. Have real (material) napkins – not paper.
  7. Don’t make us go to the bar to order drinks. You lose control of the experience. We start to lose enjoyment of it too.
  8. Serve local specialities and promote them.
  9. If the kitchen is busy and meals are running late, keep us informed. Just so we know we haven’t been forgotten and can prepare accordingly (see pt 30).
  10. Have brilliantly trained staff. Take the time to get them ready to serve well and the rewards will flood back.
  11. Booking tables – always a nightmare I know. Try to take bookings if possible as we hate hanging around for tables – and customers hate seeing people hanging around waiting for their tables too!
  12. Smile. Look for eye contact. It makes a difference.
  13. Offer a taxi service in the evenings / for evening bookings.
  14. White wine must be nice and cold. If you don’t have a decent fridge / recently stocked, bring out some ice.
  15. Be humble if you get it wrong. Fix it quick. We’ll be happy – it’s how you deal with it that counts.
  16. Check glasses are sparkling clean before you bring them out. Grubby marks are obvious.
  17. Invite feedback via Tripadvisor etc and use this feedback for daily meetings with all staff prior to service each day. Learn from it. The world’s best training and feedback system.
  18. Have a brilliant house wine.
  19. More ladies toilets than mens’ – surely no queueing when there’s food on the table..,
  20. Bring the bill armed with a card machine – you know that most of us pay with cards and we don’t want to wait again for you to have to come back with it.
  21. Have a closely aligned charity or purpose. Tell us your story / mission.
  22. Be friendly, never stuffy. Some michelin starred restaurants are more humble and friendly than other local ma and pa restaurants.
  23. Offer to box up unfinished pizzas. Ask us if we have a doggy for our left over steak to be bagged up. We may not take you up on the offer but it’s good to ask as we don’t like to.
  24. Make parking easy, if you can. Get a deal with a local carpark if no parking onsite?
  25. Refresh your menu regularly – get a bit of seasonality into it. But keep the favourites so as not to upset the regulars 😉 In fact, be prepared to serve up meals not on the menu for those regulars if possible – it shows all meals are fresh.
  26. Remember first and last impressions count.
  27. Don’t be silly with prices. Pitch them right and get a good flow of customers and consequent flow of quality fresh food.
  28. No fruit machines. Yuck.
  29. Take our contact details (email, mobile) so that you can send us some amazing offers and offer us a discount on this meal for sharing – I can’t believe how few do this!
  30. Offer chargers for mobile devices. Perhaps earphones for the kids in case we need to quiet them down with some Peppa Pig and we’ve forgotten ours :(
  31. Serve amazing coffee. Bring out a tasty morsel with it – probably chocolatey or biscuity :) Offer to refill.
  32. Have free wifi – please spare us the cryptic key.
  33. Let us buy your amazing home-made chutneys and sauces.
  34. Bring us a little treat with the bill (please, no mints).
  35. Have fun. Look like you’re enjoying having us with you as your guests. We’ll be back :)

The Forager Firm 2: Abundance


The Forager Firm takes just what it needs and leaves the rest.

There is no concern over scarcity of cust0mers or sales or love. The Forager Firm knows that there will be plenty more (in fact more than it could ever handle) tomorrow and thereafter.

The scope is limitless and infinite.

So long at The Forager Firm follows its heart and always adapts accordingly.

Help me so that I can help you

I want to help you build a great business.

One that continues to amaze and enthrall with stories to tell of its passions and hopes and dreams and love for its people and customers.

When businesses like yours win, we all win.

Just give me something to talk about and I’ll gladly share at every opportunity. You see, there are too few interesting and passionate businesses around. Help me out with a few interesting little gems that I can share…

Remember, it’s the little stuff that really counts.