The little stuff

It’s the little stuff that counts.

The “pleases” and “thank yous” – obviously.

But what about the unexpected surprises?

  • that book you mentioned in our meeting now landing on my desk as a small gift
  • the packaging you lovingly wrapped around my new purchase at the check-out
  • the one liner email attaching an article that’s right up my street
  • the offer of a foot spa in your cafe at the bottom of the big mountain
  • that intro you made out of the blue to a potential new prospect / contact
  • bringing the kids food out first as we wait in the restaurant
  • saying sorry when things didn’t turn out as planned

Just little stuff but with huge impact.

What are you building?

Sat at your desk. Hurtling down the motorway to that next important meeting. Getting into work at 7.30am and leaving at the same time pm.

Ask yourself:

“What am I building?”

Deep breath. Once again:

“What I am building: with the thoughts I have right now and the actions I am taking?”

Roll your life forward. See it playing out on this trajectory.

It’s never too late to change course.