In a World where Value is being Lost…

… perhaps the small, authentic, human factors will return to the fore.

As we enter into a world of negative interest rates and the nuttiness that this entails going forward of who pays who:

Do I pay you for goods and services from now on or should you be paying me…?

The good news is that we might just see a return to real value – not paper value – that supercedes the current faceless corporate chain of value (?) delivery.

How will you equip yourself?

Help me so that I can help you

I want to help you build a great business.

One that continues to amaze and enthrall with stories to tell of its passions and hopes and dreams and love for its people and customers.

When businesses like yours win, we all win.

Just give me something to talk about and I’ll gladly share at every opportunity. You see, there are too few interesting and passionate businesses around. Help me out with a few interesting little gems that I can share…

Remember, it’s the little stuff that really counts.

Do one thing really well

We are surrounded by options and choices.

What if I miss out?

“I know, why don’t I cover all bases in my business by trying to sell a bit of everything?”

“Why sell just Italian food when I could tinker with Chinese, South American, Japanese etc?”

“People love choice, Right?”


Get brilliant at one thing. Stick to it. Become a pro. You will not look back.