The 10 Cubed Principles

Current accepted wisdom states the route to financial wealth is to:

Build a business and sell for £ms

And then you can retire to the beach and live off the interest without even touching the capital!

But the problem with this approach is – even if you can achieve the highly unlikely outcome of selling for £ms – you then need to make best use of your new found fortune.

But in the current economic environment, this could prove challenging…

Why? From managing your own ship to secure your future, you are now reliant on the fortunes of central bank announcements, government policies and the financial performance of listed companies. We already have current low (and the prospect of negative!) interest rates plus a slow-down in world economies.This could get ugly.

Surely, there is a far better strategy for entrepreneurs in today’s economy. I think there is – its called:

The 10 Cubed Principles

Stay tuned.

In a World where Value is being Lost…

… perhaps the small, authentic, human factors will return to the fore.

As we enter into a world of negative interest rates and the nuttiness that this entails going forward of who pays who:

Do I pay you for goods and services from now on or should you be paying me…?

The good news is that we might just see a return to real value – not paper value – that supercedes the current faceless corporate chain of value (?) delivery.

How will you equip yourself?

The Forager Firm 7: Nomadic


The Forager Firm is nomadic in finding new markets to hunt in sync with the seasons. It does not allow a market to become barren and stripped of its fruit; instead, taking the opportunity to venture forward into new areas of growth and vitality.

Such freedom means that The Forager Firm should not become bound either mentally or physically to a given space; instead being ready and primed to stride forward into new areas as circumstances change and evolve.

The Forager Firm 6: Natural environment

Natural environment.

The Forager Firm is aware of the importance of providing the optimal work environment (as closely in line with our evolutionary makeup as possible) for the benefit of the long-term health of its people including:

  • not too much sitting / keeping still
  • natural light and views of open countryside / water etc
  • regular breaks = movement
  • healthy, wholesome food available onsite
  • regular access to outdoors / sunlight
  • natural rhythms awareness – daylight hours / seasons

The Forager Firm 5: Some plants are poisonous

Some plants are poisonous.

Not all berries were created equal in the same way that not all customers, markets or strategies are right for the business. In fact some berries or plants are deadly poisonous.

The Forager Firm knows exactly what it is looking for in terms of its ideal customer and where to find them. It avoids wasting its time and its health (cash + morale) pursuing those customers or markets that are not the right fit.

No matter how tempting and succulent those red berries might look.

The Forager Firm 4: Deer vision

Deer vision.

Hold your arms out directly in front of you. Now slowly move them around to your sides at shoulder height. Keep wiggling your fingers until they are just about out of sight to your sides whilst keeping your head locked forward. You now have “deer vision” as you have trained your eyes to see pretty much in a 180 degree arc – much wider than normal.

You are ready to hunt.

The Forager Firm avoids keeping its eyes locked dead ahead in tunnel vision – it might otherwise miss threats and opportunities otherwise within its field of (deer) vision. Instead, The Forager Firm is prepared to take left turns and look at the market, problem, customer etc from different angles and perspectives. Always testing commonly accepted assumptions.

Leading to better, more considered decisions, strategies and tactics.